Repeating Rear Cross

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The Repeating Rear Cross is a flatwork pattern for training and performance. It allows dog and handler to move around the field as a team connecting on well timed and placed creative throws that end in leaping catches. The Rear Cross has the dog changing the working side by turning away from the handler. For Big Leaping The Repeating Rear Cross …

Flash Jam with Cookies

Jam in a Flash for Cookies with RustGrizzy

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RustGrizzy and DirtyErn work on a new sequence using cookies in a distraction filled environment using the Art of Linking Tricks and a FlashJam created here on site. Handling a Distracted Dog Rust is pretty distracted here. There is something in the air, for sure. In the background the community garden is in full effect, something that Rust hasn’t seen in …

Disc Dog Leap Training – Localized Landing

Ron Watson Disc Dog Training

This is an excerpt from my recent book, the Art of K9Disc. Choosing the spot where the dog will land is great for helping him learn how to leap well. Localized Landing is a skill that helps a dog leap more thoughtfully by making the landing an important variable and integral part of the plan. EQUIPMENT 1 Agility Jump 1 Pedestal …

PVybe Home

Dog Training Meet Lifestyle Founded in 2005 by dog sport professionals, Apryl Lea and Ron Watson, Pawsitive Vybe is a dog training studio with a unique philosophy of Obedience through Interaction and Learning through Play. Specializing in Dog Sports and Assistance Dogs, Ron Watson and Apryl Lea are top shelf trainers, handlers, speakers and performers. Ron & Apryl live and ...
Assistance Dog Opening Door

10 Strings to Pull to Manage Drive and Untie Behavioral Knots – Pt 2

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The last two installments of this series outlined the behavioral strings and knots metaphor and examined 5 ‘strings’ of behavior and their relationship to behavioral knots and to each other. I am going to continue to stretch this metaphor and cover some less tangible behavioral strings that are precursors and requirements for engagement, interaction, and drive management. Oh, and I’ll …

Contextual Understanding in Dog Training

Contextual Understanding is Like Conversational Spanish

Ron Watson Dog Training

Learning a foreign language from a conversational angle is all the rage these days. Instead of focusing on grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, the very concepts that fluency in language is built upon, the teaching is focused on creating competence: pronunciation, common situations, verbal repetition, and vocabulary supplements. contextual understanding in dog training is like conversational Spanish. it’s all based upon …

Loot Chill

Go Do Dog Stuff: Seven Simple Ideas for Effective Dismissal

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What Is Dismissal? Dismissal is the opposite of Attention. Practically speaking, it means that the handler is not available at this time. It does not mean “we’re done working”. It does not mean “you may stop doing that”. It means I (the handler) am not available now and you may amuse yourself for a while. We call this “Go Do …

Jam in a Flash – Move

Ron Watson Flash Jam Beta 1, Routine Building

This sequence should just be called Move, as that seems to be the essence of it. The handler will chase the dog throughout this sequence, making the throw and chase the dog. By following the throw the handler will demonstrate efficient and active handling and will cover a bunch of the field. This is a great way to increase your field presentation.


Ron Watson Flash Jam Beta 1

Cued Biting and Tugging of Discs Adds Value to the Handler and Teaches Patience in Drive catching discs happens out there. a good reward history of dog and handler sharing the disc via a bite and tug adds value to the area around the handler giving the dog a reason to hang out there…

Fakie Twist

Ron Watson Flash Jam Beta 1

A Reverse Vault with No Disc Tossed dog does a flip from the handler’s body similar to a flyball box turn, clockwise or counter clockwise, with no intent to catch a disc